Testosterone and Deca cycle is popular in bodybuilding arena. Fitness buffs always recommend using both these steroids together. This stack is efficient in bodybuilding males for bulking because it adds mass and maintains the gain.

Athletes find it helpful in their cutting cycle. In general, anabolic steroids can be used for either cutting or bulking, but Deca is an exception and can be applied in both. Deca is efficient on its own but adding it with Testosterone magnifies the results.

Benefits of Testosterone and Deca cycle

Quality mass gain

When stacked together Deca and Testosterone cycle will enable your physique to bulk considerably, after work outs. The gains will be significantly more than what can be gained from regular exercise.

Good for joints

Athletes need to work a lot, which can deteriorate their joints and cause inflammation in tendons. Deca Testosterone stack helps to reduce or eliminate the joint pains.

Builds strength

Both Deca and Testosterone are capable to increase strength but stacking makes the effect more pronounced. Body builders will find that their knack to lift weight increases with each cycle.

Increases endurance

New bodybuilders can find it difficult to handle the stress of workout. Obviously, fresh starters struggle for breath but even gym rats get knocked out and stop. Deca and Testosterone stack helps to overcome the plateau but make sure to use proper dosage.

Prevents reduction of natural testosterone

Deca slows the natural production of testosterone in your body. Lack of testosterone generates undesired health issues, which gets mitigated if stacked with Testosterone.

Burns fat

Diet programs help to lose weight but stubborn fats don’t budge. Using this stack helps the body to eliminate the obstinate fat. Excess fats stored in the body get converted into energy, which is used as fuel to increase muscle mass.

Maintains lean muscle

Common issues the users experience is losing the gained muscles, after the cycle is concluded. With Deca and Testosterone stack, you don’t need to be concerned because the muscles you gained working hard will remain intact.

Deca and Testosterone cycle

Basic combination is 400 mg of Deca and 500 mg of Testosterone per week for 9 to 12 weeks. If there are no side effects then in the next cycle add 30 mg Dianabol daily and 0.5 mg Arimidex every second day. The latter is an anti-estrogen, which enables bodybuilders to neutralize the steroid effects. This is the best cycle for DECA/Testosterone that every new user can apply in their bulking period.