They say eyes are the mirror of a person. It not only helps you toenjoy everything visually but also lets the world know your emotion and thought process. Eyes are also associated with the beauty of a person. It is said that a pair of charming and expressive eyes could make anyone forget any worldly pleasure. Many wars have been fought for begetting the owner of an enthralling pair of eyes. So that is why for the sake of both beauty and health, it is essential to give your fair share of attention to your eyes too.

Puffy eyes

From what most of the beauty connoisseur learns it, the most common problem that hampersthe functioning and charm of eyes is puffy and baggy looking eyes. There are many perks of ignoring puffy eyes. Neglecting it for a long time will make your skin look aged and old. It will also give you a dull appearance. Not onlyhas that, bags under your eyes meant you will always feel droopy and drowsy hampering your concentration.

Natural Combatant

You can banish puffy eyes with Clarins’ eye care products. With the right beauty care regimes, you can also adopt the below methods that will help you to get rid of that annoying bags around your eyes.

  • Go to your kitchen and take out a fresh cucumber from your refrigerator. Cucumber has some fantastic properties of hydration and digestion. Keeping them in your house and it can benefit you in multiple ways. Cut out two slices of fresh cucumber. Keep them on your eye for thirty minutes. Meanwhile, you can apply your favorite face mask or pack if you want. You can also listen to soothing music or go for a short nap. The anti-inflammatory property of cucumber will smoothen the puffy tissues around your eyes.
  • If you do not have cucumber handy, you can make use of the refrigerated potato instead. Cut it into two slices and caressthem into the areas around your eyes gently. After that keep them onyour eyes for twenty minutes. You will see that your bagginess has reduced considerably.
  • The dryness in the eye tissues causes those baggy appearances. Overwork and stress can cause the reduction of Vitamin E from the skin layer. So restoring Vitamin E externally is essential. You need to take a bowl full of cold water and add five drops of Vitamin E oil. Mix it well and dip two cotton pads in it. Place those dipped cotton pads on your eyes for a few minutes. Repeat it for a few more times. You can quickly feel that your eye area is gaining a youthful appearance.
  • Now if you have ignored your puffy eyes for a long time, then you need to follow this method daily to get the long-term effect. Take a small cup of chilled milk. Dip cotton pads and put those cotton pads back into your eye area. Repeat this process few times till you will see that the baggy nuisance has reduced completely.

As an alternative way, you can banish puffy eyes with Clarins’ eye care products. But if you do not have one, you can definitely try these home remedies.