Every year we come out with weight loss resolutions, but we usually always fail to keep that promise? If this is what you have been facing all these years of your life than you are not at all alone. Consistency is of most importance when you want to get the dream body that you desire. Hence, the first and the foremost step in your weight loss plan is to have a health plan in place.

For once, you can start eating healthy diet food by replacing your regular flour with high protein flours or start having low carb flour for a gluten-free diet.

Healthy weight loss tips for long run

  1. Intake of proteins in your diet – The research has stated that the intake of protein increases the satiety of a person. The consumption of more protein than carbohydrates in the body has helped people to lose weight faster in a very healthy way. If along with diet you are also exercising than it’s a great idea!

The protein intake will make sure that you do not lose much of your muscles while you do your workouts. You can start eating more protein diets such as lean proteins found in beans, legumes, nonfat dairy and white meat poultry.

  1. Eat your food regularly – Most people who have abnormal weight gains have been found to eat their food at any time of the day or night. The weight loss will start implementing in your body with regular food intake. Do not skip your meals and also maintain a diary that suggests what you have eaten in the last 24 hours.
  2. Limiting the varieties – Often people suggest having varieties in your food plans so that one does not really get bored with the diet routine. However, too many varieties can lead to over-consumption of food items. These are the healthy items you will eat as snacks and not include anything more than these. The following week, you can have another chunk of your favorite food items. You will have varieties as well maintain your portion control.

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