The future is uncertain, and we should be ready to accept all possible outcomes. Everyone worries for the future, and it is normal. Sometimes this worry becomes the only predominant thought in your mind. That is when this takes the form of an ailment known as anxiety disorder. There is no reason to feel shy about this disorder. Like every ailment, this is also very much curable.

Exposure and response prevention:

A human being is a “social animal.” The term is self-explanatory. Like every other organism, we have a fight or flight response to fearful situations. Anxiety corresponds to the ‘flight’ side. Exposure therapy emphasizes on the ‘fight’ side. It helps you to face your fears to a frequency, post which the anxiety dissipates from the situation and you will feel your thoughts to be in your control. If your anxiety disorder is chronic, the same therapy is actioned through a step by step systematic desensitization programme. The objective of each step is to remove the anxiety from these steps. By the end of the course, you will lose your fear of the situation. In the UK, when it comes to anxiety disorder therapy, Sheffield city psychiatrists prefer to use Exposure therapy coupled with systematic desensitization. This is automatic response prevention for avoidance or escape.

Common Dos and Don’ts in Anxiety disorder:

Anxiety disorder is not only about therapy or sessions with your psychiatrist; it is about bringing a permanent positive change in life that goes hand in hand with your positive thoughts. Some desirable activities include:

  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise and yoga
  • Deep breathing, meditation, and guided relaxation
  • Better work-life balance

Stay away from the following:

  • High caffeine content items such as tea and coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Late night life