Clenbuterol tablets or drops can help you achieve weight loss. However, you must be aware about how to take this drug so that you can avoid any side effects. As a matter of fact, the exact dosage requirement of this drug varies from person to person and the fat burning effects also depends upon the tolerance level of the individual. One should therefore begin with much lower dose and then slowly increase the dose as you begin to see the results.

Everyone starts with the same standard dose and slowly increase to its maximum safe limit and thereafter vary the cycle depending upon the progress observed in the individual user. Some other bronchodilator may also be supplemented with this drug so that fat loss can be really visible. The closing schedule must also be properly done so that there can be minimal side effects.

How much dose to start with

If you are a new user of Clenbuterol then how to take it for your cutting cycle? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user of steroids, the starting dose remains the same. Men should start with a dose of 40 mcg per day while women should start with 20 mcg per day. This is very mild dose for both men as well as women. It is better to take it during early morning just when you are going to start your workout. If you take in the later part of the day then you may suffer from sleeping problems. You must start observing for any possible side effects from the starting point itself.

Once you are sure that the dosage you are taking is tolerable by you then increase it by 20 mcg per day. Women are usually more sensitive to Clenbuterol and hence they must watch their side effects more closely.

How much maximum safe dosage can you take?

There are instructions for liquid syrups that you need to follow if you are taking liquid Clenbuterol and besides that men should not increase their dosage beyond 140 mcg per day and women should restrict themselves within maximum limit of 100 mcg per day. Taking more than this limit may cause serious side effects.

Generally, women go up to maximum limit of 100 mcg per day and in very rare cases few women can increase up to 140 mcg. Going beyond this limit can be very dangerous. Similarly, few men may go up to 200 mcg per day.