Many successful people talk about caring for the society and nation but there are a few who actually do it. So, is the great entrepreneur Peter Loftin , the founder of Business Telecom Inc. (BTI). He laid the foundation of this telecom venture in 1983 just at the age of twenty-five and since then, he has never looked back. And right from the beginning of his career, he has been involved into helping the society and the nation at big and small levels. Therefore, he is regarded as one of the most famous philanthropic businessmen not only in USA but also rest of the world.

Peter Loftin Has Always Been Ready to Help the Country and Society

During the devastating terrorist attacks at the famous World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001 in America, many lives were lost and a lot of relief work was required. This could be possible with the help of many successful people and Peter Loftin was among them. He donated a lot for the relief work. Also, Loftin is always concerned about his country in the time of any natural calamity. He took initiatives for getting people trained to fight with terror problems. And despite all his success, he always remains grounded and modest with people from different sections of the society.

Peter did so much for children in his twenties and is still doing something or the other for them. In his twenties, he initiated a campaign called Coat for Kids, which was to fund coats for underprivileged children. With this proper winter clothing, children would be able to bear cold easily. He later started a camp known as Camp BTI that consisted of the members from Boys and Girls Club of America. Children learned how to communicate with each other and live like a team. They did productive works together and developed in terms of personality and social beings.

Though Peter was not from Business Background, He Shaped His Own Future and Succeeded

Though Peter Loftin is a successful businessman, he does not belong to a business or corporate family. His father Robert G. Loftin was a Korean War veteran and retired official from US Government Social Security Administration. His mother Maree Nelson Loftin was an elementary school teacher. Peter probably got his own business idea while he used to sell telephones from door to door. And, he shaped his own way for his successful career. Peter very soon became one of the top telecom company owners in USA and that too at a tender age. Coming from a non-business background and achieving so much requires courage, strategy, skillset and the tendency to face risks.

Peter Loftin is an Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

Success followed Peter Loftin almost all the time and in parallel, he kept on investing and donating for arts, education, healthcare, charities etc. In the outskirt schools of North Carolina, Peter provided free internet facilities. Also, he took initiatives for counselling the misguided youth and bringing their lives on track. His deeds for society have helped several people to make their lives brighter and easier. Newcomer entrepreneurs can take the business and philanthropy lessons from him and do something good in their career and for society.