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Reason for using: disquiet insomnia.Side Effects: recollection loss/"stupidity"Having utilised this pharmaceutical in moderation for 8 years, I have gradually utilised less, year by year. I now take about .5 mg about one time a week, when I am having a uneven time sleeping. After 7 years of every day use, I went off it for a twosome of months, freezing turkey/no tapering, and had no difficulties more grave than expanded adversity dozing but not anything insurmountable. I would take it every evening for doze if it wasn't for the "stupidity" side effect, so I try to take it as little as possible. Worked wonders for me for disquiet before I went on on Prozac, after which I have been much less anxious. I believe it is large for some persons and not unanimously addictive- counts on the person. I'm very appreciative to have the choice of taking it when I need it.

Reason for using: critical anxiety;PTSD.Side Effects: Made me exceedingly exhausted for a week or so, but it is presumed to do that. This pharmaceutical did what it was presumed to do. Then, after 1 1/2 months on clonazepam and paxil, the "suicide attempts" started. Basically, overdosed 3 times in a 1 1/2 month period, the last time almost dying. The strange thing is, I did not ever believe "I desire to die." I was conceiving, "Kill the inward pain!" I did, but I nearly slain myself.Withdrawals are a bitch!!! Checked myself into the clinic psych ward to disembark the pharmaceutical the last time I overdosed. They tapered me for a couple of days, then put me on an anti-seizure medication. Two and a half weeks subsequent I still get sinew twitches all over. When I endeavoured to disembark cold-turkey in late November, I completed up in the ER with sever sinew seizures, exceedingly intensified disquiet, and my eyes could not they put me back on the drug. THIS DRUG DOES WHAT IT SHOULD, BUT IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE AND COULD LITERALLY KILL YOU WHEN YOU TRY TO QUIT IT! USE CAUTION AND USE A GOOD DOCTOR TO SLOWLY TAPER OFF IT.

Reason for using: disquiet / insomnia / hypnic jerks.Side Effects: None actually, apart from drowsiness, which was the goal. I can glimpse it being very addictive though. It flat out makes you seem good and relaxed.I was in a very awful state when I first begun Klonopin. I had critical insomnia with hypnic jerks (for those who don't understand what these are - every time you start dropping slumbering, a body part will involuntarily move and awaken you back up). Hypnic jerks are usually affiliated with high grades of disquiet (too much mind undertaking determinants the neurons to blaze out of control). I was at a issue where I had not dozed for the good part of a month. The occasional times I did drop slumbering, I would awaken up inside 2 or 3 hours with my heart rushing, and feeling absolutely connected and unrested. I was at a issue where I was having a factual tense breakdown because of need of sleep. I eventually went to glimpse a psychiatrist and he prescribed the Klonopin. I took a 1 mg tablet that evening and dozed restfully for about 7 or 8 hours. It completely slain the jerks. I still sensed marvellous disquiet over the next twosome of weeks, but I kept taking the Klonopin religiously every evening and it would get me to sleep. With each transient day, my disquiet appeared to fall smaller and lower. After those primary twosome of weeks, I sensed like myself afresh and, being cognizant of the addictive value of the surgery, halted taking it every day and would only take it if I wholeheartedly couldn't drop asleep. It is now 8 months subsequent and I no longer take the Klonopin regularly. I do, although have some round still and like the concept that it is there. I will burst one every one time in awhile if I seem a bit wound up and can't drop asleep. My psychiatrist states that it's fine to do that as long as I don't use it daily. All in all, I seem it's a large medication if utilised correctly and not abused. It was large for shattering the insomnia cycle, reducing my disquiet, and me feeling like I had retrieved command over my life.

Reason for using: Anxiety, Panic Attacks.Side Effects: No prominent side effects.I took as much as 3MG and it had no effect what-so-ever. Having furthermore endeavoured Valium, Xanax, and Ativan, all at large doses, I can state with self-assurance that Benzodiazepines do not work on me.

The medication is very cooperative at management anxiety. However, I have observed that its effectiveness has lessened over time. Be certain to hold your medical practitioner revised on how cooperative your medication is.