There is a new form of entertainment sweeping over the nation and it is known as the Escape Room. Escape Rooms have risen in popularity over the past several years as a great way to be entertained through something new and unique. Escape Rooms are essentially massive puzzles that groups of individuals collaborate with one another in order to get solved. Escape Rooms come in all types, sizes, and difficulty levels and many are crafted for specific types of groups: from families to business groups. You can see a wide range of options at, but first, you’ll want to know WHY there are so popular. Our goal today will be to highlight three key benefits that the modern escape room can provide to players of all ages and walks of life.

Enhance Your Relationships With An Escape Room

Let’s say that you are heading to Las Vegas for a retreat along with a few friends and business associates. Your goal for the weekend is to bond, relax, and try something new and exciting. While other people might have already flocked to the casinos, you are far more interested in the concept of the Escape Room. As we highlighted above, Escape Rooms are comprehensive puzzles that require cooperation from small to large groups in order to solve. With the clock constantly winding down, the pressure will always be on. What are the benefits of engaging in this kind of intense live-action puzzle game? Why do so many people go crazy for Escape Rooms? As it turns out, there are quite a few tangible benefits.

1) Sharpen Your Mental Edge – So many forms of modern entertainment rely on the participant to be passive throughout the experience. Whether you are sitting back watching a movie or taking in a live show, you do little more than experience the show from a second-hand viewpoint. At an Escape Room, you are keyed in and mentally focused throughout the experience. You have to use your education and your own wits in order to find solutions to the problems presented to you. Who knows, you might even learn something during your experience?

2) Bond As A Team – Businesses should particularly note that Escape Rooms make for excellent team building experiences. You’ll get to see how all members of your team react when the pressure is on and it is time to delegate tasks. Do people step up in your group or is there a lot of infighting? Do people get flustered easily? These are all great pieces of information to take note of during your experience at the Escape Room. While an Escape Room is definitely a fun game, it also can be an enlightening experience for groups.

3) Develop Team Skills – You don’t just have to use the Escape Room as a means of having fun or evaluating group members, you can also train your team skills. Learn how to embrace the strengths of each member of your group and accomplish something fun as a result.

Escape Rooms may be just now breaking into the mainstream.But they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Try out an Escape Room soon and find out all of the benefits for yourself!