What is an Airbnb management company

Airbnb management company

Winning loyal customers on Airbnb is extremely labor-consuming: and it seems that only hosts know how tough it can be. The good news is that professional Airbnb managers  perfectly understand the task too.

What exactly Airbnb management companies can do for you

Airbnb management companies manage vacation property on behalf of an owner, including services such as: meet and greet, cleaning and laundry, listings creation, communication with guests and concierge service, etc.

Professional managers make owners' lives easier, take care of all real estate management issues and increase business profitability through efficient work.

Here is a full list of services:

  • Cleaning and laundry - clean place and spotless sheets is one of the most important Airbnb cleaning factors that will make or break reputation of an Airbnb Host and of Airbnb Listing. 
  • Airbnb licensing - specialists are aware of all legislation details, licenses, and permissions that are necessary to start your short-term rental business on the Airbnb rental platform. Managers will guide Airbnb owners through the process and explain every step to make is effective, fast and trouble-free;
  • Professional photography - allows attracting more visitors to get more bookings;
  • 24/7 concierge service - customer support, advice, any help that may be necessary during the trip;
  • Consulting on the Airbnb design - Airbnb management specialists ready to share experience of turning the ordinary property into truly fascinating places to stay. 
  • SEO listing optimization - it helps listings appear higher in search results and match more queries; 
  • Price optimization - flexible AI-based pricing strategy that will automatically adjust prices depending on the season and other factors;
  • Booking management - complete communication with guests, confirming bookings, and answering questions;
  • Key management - meeting guests, inspecting the property after the checkout, and more;
  • Guest book - highly valuable information for the most comfortable short stay of your guests; 
  • Airbnb property maintenance - ensuring everything works well and there would be no negative reviews because of something broken or not working.

Reliable companies should

  • Are available 24/7;
  • Cover the full range of services - from meeting guests to design, organizing sightseeing tours and picking up the keys;
  • Help property owners allocate their time and deal with high-priority business tasks.