SnipperApp 2, Vim, Visual Studio: benefits code snippet managers

The choice of application for slack code snippet depends on your preferences and specifics of work. At the moment, there are various code snippet managers. All of them differ in functionality and capabilities. Let's look at three apps that support code snippet slack. Each option has its characteristics for working with code and creating snippets.

SnipperApp 2

SnipperApp 2 is a convenient and lightweight snipper manager for macOS. Here you will find all the necessary functions like syntax highlighting for 120+ programming languages and integration with iCloud and GitHub. The application interface is convenient for beginners and experienced coders. Here you can create snippets, work with large parts of the code, and take full advantage of the product. Viewing invisible characters and font customization simplifies the workflow. SnipperApp 2 is well optimized and quickly opens even large files.


Vim is one of the oldest text editors that allow you to work with snippets and code. Conventional editors have a clear distinction between tabs with files and other panels, such as the file tree, built-in terminal, error output window, configuration window, debug window, and so on. In Vim, any piece of the editor opened in its frame is just a text buffer no matter how it is used. Automatically, this means a single way to interact with these buffers.

Unlike modern editors, Vim requires the support of its configuration file and manual control of literally everything. Vim has no mechanism for viewing and installing plugins directly from the editor. Each one must be independently found on GitHub and entered into this file. The advantage of the application is that you separately configure your coding environment.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is also suitable for working with code and creating snippets. The application includes a debugger, tools for working with Git, syntax highlighting, and tools for refactoring. Here you can use the extensions, version control system, and display errors in the code. Customize snippet searches and use the integrated terminal.

Choosing code snippet managers, you should decide on the desired options, customization options, and various extensions. Specific managers are needed for a narrow range of tasks, particularly to some projects. Use SnipperApp 2 if you want to get maximum functionality without presets, plugins, and other activities.