6 Golden Rules for a Happy Dog Life

Dogs have long won the love of people and settled in their homes, but we are so used to these shaggy friends who are always there that we do not always think - “What does my dog ​​really need?”. DogRook prepared the list of most basic needs of dogs!

Proper Nutrition

Animals, like humans, need to eat right, but unlike humans, dogs do not need to eat a variety of foods. It is enough to feed the dog with quality food with good composition all the time. Do not give food from the table and do not change food frequently.

Also, do not forget that the dog should always have clean cool water available, especially if it eats dry food.

Exercise Stress

It doesn't matter what breed your dog has or how big it is, it should be moving enough. But this is "enough" you are all different. Large and heavy dogs do not need increased activity, they do not want to jump, but light jogging, ball games, or tug-of-war will only benefit. Small dogs also need activity, they can be taught active tricks, jumping, and running fast. Remember, letting your dog out into the yard is not enough. Any dog ​​needs to be taken to the park, giving it the opportunity to socialize, find new smells and actively play with its relatives.


Regardless of the size, weight, age and breed of the dog, it should be practiced, even if your pet is calm and obedient. The fact is that when teaching each new command, the dog develops mentally and physically. Thus, she becomes more intelligent with each new command.

Place in the House

Any family member in the house should have their own corner, their own bed, a room where they can store their things and rest peacefully. The dog is no exception. The pet must have a sleeping place and a place where he can be alone, where he feels safe, where he can hide his toys and so on.

Dog Grooming

Proper care of the dog makes it healthy and happy, and the owner is calm for his pet. The dog needs to regularly check his ears, teeth, eyes, if necessary, clean them. Also, dogs need to regularly cut their nails, especially small breeds, because their nails grow back faster. Also, each dog needs to be brushed once a week and bathed once every three to four months.

Veterinarian Examination

It is worth visiting a veterinarian once a year, at least to get all the necessary vaccinations. And it is better more often, so that if something happens, you can detect the disease earlier or prevent it. It is always better to prevent a disease than to cure it for a long time and tediously.

With love for your dogs, DogRook!