If you are looking for job which includes helping and working with people while happening to be a citizen of the United Kingdom, you’ve come to a right place. The “ social work jobs uk ” platforms are in abundance, so we’ve decided to show you one that is both reliable and as user-friendly as possible – we’re talking about SW Locums.

SW Locums – What is it?

Basically, SW Locums Limited is a recruitment consultancy agency which was established in 2009. They are, essentially, mediators between people who are looking for social work jobs Wales and corporations who are willing to provide them.

What speaks a great deal about their reliability is the fact that they’re currently engaged with over fifty specialist employment contracts.

Experienced mediators

The staff at SW Locums is comprised of highly experienced professionals, totalling in over seventy five years of recruitment experience. If you feel unsure about what social work jobs are, what types exist, and which one is perfect for you, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Personal service and support

One of the most important things you should look for when searching for a mediator platform is the quality and amount of support they’re able to offer you. Most platforms will give you a list of potential employers, along with necessary info and the how-to, but SW Locums offers a bit more.

The process of relating yourself to the employer is all but automated – they state that building a professional, personal bond between the clients and candidates is necessary and required for any kind of job in Social Work.

What’s more, this platform offers professional training for candidates which aims to further polish their social care skills and expertise. By undergoing SW Locums training regime, you will have a higher chance of finding a reputable social care agency.

Sectors of expertise

SW Locums operates under five social sectors – Child protection, Community care, Social work, AMHP & Safeguarding, and hospital social work. There are plenty of jobs you can choose from, plenty of open positions, and there’s a high chance that you can fit right in if you use this platform.

The jobs are further derogated into freelance, full time, internship, part time, and temporary – the list of available jobs state the location (e.g. London), job type (e.g. full time), and position (e.g. Ealing Social Worker SW2878).

You can also look for social work jobs in other places around the UK. For example, just use Google or Yahoo to search for social work jobs Wales if you are looking for social work jobs in Wales or Social work jobs Manchester and so one.