For a period spanning over several decades now, we have vast experience and expertise in Toyota material handling. We are dedicated to providing material handling services with convenience not only to not only to our customers in Chicago
where we are based, but to the world at large. Over the years, our company entered into a number of strategic partnership deals with other relevant multinational companies with the aim of widening our scope. This move greatly increased our penetration in the global market of goods handling effectively cementing our undisputed dominance in the same. Our brand name has for these reasons over the years been synonymous with reliability, convenience and efficiency regarding materials handling service delivery. Here are some of the main reasons as to why you can never go wrong with us.

  • Contractual hiring services– This is targeted at those clients whose materials handling needs are temporary. Due to their cost, buying some pieces of machinery such as lift trucks for temporary use may not be economically feasible. This is particularly when they are needed for use in non-recurrent tasks such as domestic application. The purchase of such equipment may only be relevant when they are required for industrial application or when one plans to venture into a business on the same. We have in place a contractual hiring system through which potential clients can hire our equipment for a pre-agreed length of time depending on your needs. This way, you are cushioned from having to spend your money on things you won’t need in the long run.
  • Widest selection of equipment to suit your needs –Toyota materials handling boasts the possession of not only the largest, but also the most assorted collection of equipment from which our clients can make their selections. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Our inventory consists of forklifts, pallet jacks, cushion tire lift trucks, electric lift trucks and pneumatic lift trucks to mention but a few. Furthermore, we deal in quality spare parts for any and all of our machinery.
  • A reliable team of experts at your service –Apart from dealing with material handling equipment and their spare parts, we have a dedicated technical team to assist you should you encounter any problem. We have both in house and on-road staff for your beck and call. Our deployable team of experts is available for dispatch to any locality around the clock. This way, they come in handy in cases where simply hiring equipment is not enough and skilled hands to operate them are required.
    For these and other reasons, you should contract us for speedy and reliable solutions any goods handling problems you may encounter. Visit or call our offices for further clarifications you may need concerning the same.