Not everyone is interested in sitting hours outside trying to get that bronze tan. Despite this, most of us still think it looks nicer to have tanned skin and this leads us to look at various tanning alternatives.

These alternatives are ways to gain that tanned look without having to go outside. All of these options can be done indoors and will leave your skin looking bronzer in no time.

Before investing in any one option, be sure to consider which one is best for your skin type. Also be careful to purchase cheaper products which use potentially dangerous chemicals – you don’t want your skin to be absorbing that.

  • Tanning Bed

These are one of the most popular alternatives available and provide results very similar to the real thing. Tanning beds are machines that provide Ultra-Violet light to mimic the suns effect on your skin.

The UV light used is UV-A and UV-B, which means the beds do not include the harmful UV-C which is found in the sun. Even though that is the case, these beds can still be harmful if overdone.

Do not exceed the recommended times and frequencies as these UV rays can begin to affect your cells. Be careful and don’t do something that can harm you just to look “better”.

  • Spray Tan

Spray tan is another sunless tanning option available. This option does not tan your skin in the conventional way, with UV light, but uses a chemical extracted from sugar cane.

The chemical is sprayed on your body by a qualified spray tanner and then is left on your body for up to 48 hours – based on strict product guidelines. The chemical reacts with amino acids in our skin and causes them to darken. This darkening can look slightly less realistic than an actual tan, but if done correctly can yield stunning results.

  • Bronzer

A similar method to spray tan, Bronzer is a product that lasts for a shorter amount of time, typically one day. It can be used in conjunction with other tanning options to provide that final touch-up.

The chemicals in the bronzer react with your skin, providing a darker/bronzer hue. A benefit of this product is that it can be applied by yourself but should be done carefully and not by inexperienced people. It is very easy to misapply bronzer, leaving you a bit uneven.

  • Tanning Mist

This is another option similar to the above two and is also used for smaller applications and does not last for very long. It provides additional touches where tans are uneven and is very useful for last minute fixes.

  • Tanning Pills

This is an option that might be of interest to you but should be approached cautiously. These pills are not FDA approved but are legal for sale. The side effects that could occur from these pills are not yet fully understood.

These pills work by changing the skin color on a molecular level but do so from the inside. These pills work through the fat cells present in human skin, slowly modifying the color of the skin to an orange/bronze hue.

These pills take a few weeks before the change is noticeable and a doctor should be consulted during this period to ensure that there have been no side effects.

There isn’t only one option for those of us who want to have a nice tan. With advances in technology comes all sorts of alternatives to lying in the sun. These should, however, only be used under the stringent guidelines provided to prevent damage to the body. For more information, Please visit : .