First Birthday is the milestone for the parents and for the whole family. Well, it is difficult to upbring the child in the first year. There are many sleepless nights for the parents in the first year of the child as baby does not eat much and depends on the mother’s feed. It is a general trend that kid ask for milk in the middle of the night but after one year the kid sleeps in the night fully. Everything is new for a baby, so as the seasons too like summer and winters. So, the parents need to take special care of their infant. So, in the whole it is a milestone for the whole family when their little one turns one. But yes, your baby’s one smile can do wonders and can make you accept any challenge that comes your way in his upbringing.

First Birthday is the first function for the paternal and maternal side of the family. First birthday wishes and gifts are always very special. There always lies a confusion that what to gift in your baby’s first birthday. Right? Well, for making it more special there are numerous gifts options for the 1st Birthday. Following is the list of gifts options for 1 st birthday:

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  1. Pre- Birthday Shoot is one of the best gift a parent can give to the kid so that their little one can cherish it forever. Pre-Birthday shoot can be shown on the birthday also and the album can be shown as the birthday wishes scrapbook. This is also known as cake smash videos.

  1. Tricycle is one of the best gift on the 1st Birthday as the kid is going to start walking and thus, need a toy to engage himself and move here and there in the house. So, it’s one of the best gift for the kid.

  1. A book which have all the ABC and 123 all in one which you can get in the book shops and online too.You can instil a reading habit in him at this early stage. So, this is also a good option for gifting the kids.

  1. Walker is also a good option for the kids as at this stage kid is trying to take tiny steps and walker helps the kid to take steps easily.

  1. A slider for kid is also a good option as all kids love to slide. Make your home a small playground and just listen his giggles all around.

  1. Blocks is also the best option as kids love to play with blocks and can make different things. Blocks helps to get the knowledge of colours as well as kids become creative by making different structure with the blocks.

  1. Rhyme Cds is also one of the best gift for 1st Birthday as the kids listen to songs and lullabies and start to react on it. So, songs Cds for kids is also a good gifting option.

  1. Clothes is also good option for gifting as the kids keep on growing day by day due to this, new clothes are always required tothem. For the family members clothing is best and ever green option.

9.Doll set is good gifting optionfor the baby girl as the girls really loves to play with the dolls. This is inbuilt in girls. They really care about their dolls and their accessories. So, doll set is also good option for gifting on 1st Birthday.

  1. For a boy, Toy Remote car is another option as the boys are fond of cars. So, gift him a nice remote car on his first birthday.
  2. Baby care kits is also another option. There are many companies who are into making baby care products. This option is in trend these days as it will be so much useful for your little one.

  1. Colouring book is good gift for 1st Birthday as the kid is growing and want to engage with some colourful activity. This option can make him more creative and focused.

So, these were some of the gift options for first birthday. But yes, do remember more than gifts, 1 st birthday wishes and blessings are more significant.