Pearls are one of the most preferred choices of jewellery for weddings. These are perfect and simple for a long wedding day. They can last for a long period of time and can be worn even after marriage on regular occasions.

If you are looking forward to buy pearl jewellery for yourself or for any loved ones, Mikimoto pearl necklace is the best necklace that you can get. These pearls have a charm and an elegance about them which makes it spectacular and simple. Here are some of the reasons why pearls form the perfect jewellery for the wedding:

The Greek history

Greeks believed that if one wears pearls, it helps in strengthening the relationship between the partners. They believed that it promotes harmony in marriage life and prevents wives from crying. They assumed pearls to be the symbol of purity and love.

The French history

Pearls were widely used in the weddings during the 14 th and the 15 th centuries. It was so much associated with purity that the royal weddings were conducted in the sea of pearls in the French House of Burgundy. Everyone in the wedding was endowed in sparkling pearls from top to the bottom.

Hindu legend

Hindus believe that pearls were worn by Lord Krishna which he plucked himself from the ocean in order to gift it as a symbol of purity, union and love to his daughter Pandaia on her marriage.

A part of the wedding attire

No wedding is complete if the bride does not wear glittering jewellery. Pearls form a part of the jewellery which these brides wear and they perfectly suit any attire. Pearls give you the desired bridal style with their richness, sophistication and sparkle.


There are a lot of reasons why pearls are associated with weddings. They have their own significance and a history. Pearls are perfect and beautiful choice for a bride and can be used even after the wedding, as pearl jewellery are a staple accessory of any jewellery wardrobe. Hence now pearls have become an integral part of each and every marriage.