On the popularity list of music promotion websites, SoundCloud is on the respectable third place. In front of them are giant YouTube and the Chinese NetEase. If we talk about English-speaking public, then SoundCloud is on the second place. See the full list here.

If you checked the link, you’ve surely seen that SoundCloud has around 175 million users, while YouTube is alone on the top with staggering 1.5 billion. This is an enormous difference, right? Sure, but in this case, numbers mean nothing because the concept of uploading music is very different on these two networks. In addition, we’re going to show you why SoundCloud is the best option for promoting your music.

How do you ignore 1.5 billion users?

Easy if you know that all these 1.5 billion users are not there waiting for you to upload a video of your new music single. People use YouTube to listen to their favorite artists that are already established and popular. Lately, YouTube is transforming into a place where YouTubers host their own shows which means it’s becoming less about music and more about showbiz.

Also, a huge problem for people that make music is the ignorant approach towards social networking YouTube has. YouTube users can’t share your video with the other users on the platform so they can show how cool your new single is. They can only share on other networks like Facebook for example. But there, people don’t care about new artists, so it looks like one click on YouTube means one click and nothing more.

How is this different from SoundCloud?

Thought you’d never ask. First of all, SoundCloud has no videos. This means you don’t need to be a graphic designer, photographer, nor be able to record short movies. SoundCloud’s interested in your music and the users there like to hear what’ new and cool. The public is waiting for new artists and open-minded for new ideas.

Another very important thing is – the insights. SoundCloud offers you the option to see how listened to your songs, where are they from, what type of music they listen to, and much more. You have access to lots of information that might help you understand the public and what they want. YouTube only offers a number of views which is simply not enough.

So it seems like those 175 million users are much more useful to you as a new artist than the 1.5 billion not at all interested people.

Getting through on SoundCloud

Even though we acknowledged that this platform is the better option, you should still know that success is not inevitable. You actually need to work a lot and this still doesn’t guarantee you’ll become popular. Just imagine how big this number of users is and how many people try to make it in the music industry. You need to stand out somehow, but this is not an easy job.

What you need is a company that can help you understand how to promote your music. They allow you to make a plan for your music and take care of marketing. They help you get followers, plays, likes, anything for a successful profile. You might think that this is not for you, but you should know that you have absolutely no chance to be seen unless you work on the marketing part. Check out companies like buyplaysfast to understand how this process works.

Every successful person in any business will tell you that in order to become successful, you must create an image of success for yourself. No one will be interested in your work if they come across your profile and see that no one liked you, no one commented, and the only followers you have are your girlfriend and your brother. You need to show that your work is valuable and people appreciate it.


If you’re about to promote your music, don’t get fooled by numbers. Analyze the market well and see where is best to upload it. SoundCloud is definitely one of the best places, but be sure that without help from professionals who’ll manage the marketing part, you won’t be able to do anything big. Work hard on your music and let others do the dirty job for you. This is the road to success.