Playing games is the most favorite activity for most of the people irrespective of age and gender. The way, source, time may differ; but playing is always a pleasure giving activity. Today, internet takes a part in all the activities that people come across every day. Such internet did not leave its impact on games as well. There are so many online games and also there are chances to earn money playing these games.

What is Domino QiuQiu?

Domino QiuQiu is a popular online game played, also referred to as “99 domino poker” or “QiuQiu” they are one of the top most games loved by the online gamers. Players are asked to pay certain money and play the game later. They are also a form of poker online game.

Stages of Domino QiuQiu

  • Initially, domino qiu qiu is played with 28 double-six dominoes. All the players in the game place their amount in the pot; this may vary from low bet to high bet.
  • After all, the players place their amount each player gets 3 dominoes. The players look at them hiding from other players. Arrange them in order.
  • In presence of previous, it is better to bet, else call, raise or fold
  • Call– in case beating money equals the opponent’s money you can call the beating person.
  • Raise– raise the amount paid as stake
  • Fold– if the opponent person closes his game, you can fold without showing your hands
  • During the first round if one person they call, if more than one person wins then others who didn’t fold gets the 4th card.
  • The game goes on and during the final round, the players who didn’t fold shows their hand. The person with highest best words wins the game.

Need for Regular Playing

To be expertise player it is important to play the game on regular basis. Even when s player wins a jackpot it is important to play the game regularly. On playing regularly, the practice on strategies improves and gets faster in game. This may consistently increase the income of money from the game. Practicing the game and knowing the nook and corner makes the person stronger in the game.

How to be a Winner in Domino QiuQiu?

  • Initially play with low capital: as soon as you play the game is not advisable to pay high capital. It may underestimate your tendency to play the game. After having good experience in the game, higher capital can be invested.
  • Duplicate profit: While playing the game for the first time there are fewer possibilities of larger stakes, benefits obtained is also not huge as well. After getting a few successes move bit higher for the double profit.
  • Set a goal: For winning it is always important to have a goal and follow the goal. In case of losing, make a try to know to the reason for it and keep cautious to avoid it in the forthcoming games. It is also important for games like domino qiuqiu, which gives fun and income.