Since the sixth century, Indonesia has a history of blending Chinese, Indian, and Middle East cultures to the regional kingdoms scattered in Nusantara archipelago. Inspired by the ancient culture and the Indonesian tradition of bathing and beauty care, along with the new age and the tendency of back to nature, the traditional Indonesian spas are born. Except for several luxury spas, many traditional spas in Jakarta are more affordable than the others. Below are some of the best traditional spa places you can find in Jakarta:

  1. Martha Tilaar

Martha Tilaar is among the most famous Indonesian makeup brands, famous for its dedication to maintaining Indonesia’s traditional beauty legacy and application of ingredients. Until recent time, Martha Tilaar Spa has around 40 branches in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia, making it the largest spa series in Indonesia.

  1. Bale-Bale Spa

Bale-Bale spa is known among spa regulars at Jakarta for its inexpensive price tag and all-woman policy, which make each of the guests at ease and have an inclination sometimes to spend a whole day! Its remedy is the traditional massage and lulur or body scrubbing using traditional lulur mix. Hair treatments and salon centers such as blow drying are offered but not quite as popular as their body treatments. Cost begins from 85,000 IDR (8.12 SGD) for a one-hour treatment. Bale-Bale is very popular during the weekends, so come during the weekdays or book days in advance to get a weekend session.

  1. Taman Sari Royal Heritage

Taman Sari Royal Heritage derives its beauty therapy doctrine from the charismatic keraton tradition of beauty remedies with modern technology. Pamper yourself as the Javanese princesses did in Taman Sari’s trademark treatments such as the 2.5 hours of Javanese Royal Experience, to the 3 hours of Seven Flower Ritual therapy. Or, you can also choose their Jamu massage using the famous Javanese herbal potion as a detoxifying medium.

  1. Keraton Spa

For anyone dreaming of a princess-like spa, the Keraton Spa is the right place for you. The place gives possibly the most luxurious Javanese motivated massage remedies you can find. Situated on the sixth floor, the expansive 1600 sq meter Keraton Spa provides an ideal retreat from the hectic pace of the city. From the signature 2 hours The Keraton Royal massage, the calming Parangkusumo massage, Sido Asih Couple Massage for couples, the detoxifying Sidur Massage, to the combination of stretches and deep tissue massage with the Gurda massage. Prices begin from 720,000++ IDR (68.74 SGD) to get a 75 minutes massage.

  1. Purisanti Spa

Another favored with a range of traditional body treatments from head to toe such as body massage, body scrubs, facials, waxing, and couple retreat bundles that will send you along with your precious one to complete relaxation in the calming traditional Javanese ambiance.

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