Hydraulic pumps are essential devices that move water through compact systems and are an integral part of the modern society. They work by increasing the overall mechanical energy of the water. Some of the common places where you will most likely come across a hydraulic piston pump include schools, hospitals, commercial outlets, and households. Just like purchasing any other equipment, you need to consider a lot of factors to acquire the right piston pump that will serve you well. Here are the top four factors to consider while choosing your piston pump.

Go for a Pump Designed with Corrosion Resistant Materials

Keep in mind that corrosion resistant is essential for every application of hydraulic conveyance products since most of the unplaited products will start rusting within a few hours of exposure to the various elements. Whether the pump is meant for a school, hospital, or domestic use- exposure to moisture, grit, and harsh conditions will quickly compromise your equipment. To help avoid such a scenario, go for pumps that are designed with non-corrosive materials that will resist rusting and prolong the pump’s lifespan. Keep in mind that if your hydraulic piston pump isn’t rust-resistant, you may be forced to replace it from time to time.

The Flow Rate

This is another critical factor that you should consider since it will significantly affect the effectiveness of the pump the flow rate refers to the duration the pump takes to pump a specific amount of water. The flow rate is usually expressed in liters per minute. You should go for a pump with a flow rate that can comfortably serve your needs. For instance, if you are shopping for a piston pump to be used to pump water in farm or commercial sites, go for a pump with a flow rate of at least 2,500 liters per minute.

The Maximum Head and Pressure

The maximum head and pressure will determine how far you can pump your water. The maximum head refers to the longest distance in terms of height that the hydraulic piston pump can pump water. For example, if you acquire a piston pump with a maximum head of 100 meters, you won’t be able to pump water to heights above 100 meters. Typically, the pump that you choose should have a maximum head that exceeds the height you intend to pump water.

The Overall Quality of the Pump

You should also consider the brand of the pump. Is it a recognized brand? Can you trust their workmanship? You should also check the motor or the engine which will let you know the quality of the pump survey and research on the expected quality of the pump before you go shopping.