The BumbleBee Smart Store - Pikler toys for toddlers

Thankfully to Emmi Pikler, we have got a very effective method of education. The Pikler approach is nowadays used worldwide. It contains several principles of kids developing. Pikler triangles and arches helps put it all together and implement her system to the kids' growth.

What are the Pikler Principles?

She was a hungarian paediatrician, who ran the orphanage. She implemented her theory and tried it out on her students. These principles are:

  • Giving freedom to a baby is essential. When a kid grows it needs to explore on his own. Be there but stay aside.
  • Be caring and loving, be around, help your kid with showing your love.
  • Touching and seeing is important. Make your kid a positive environment.
  • Help your kid with patience. Do not bother a child by your overprotectiveness. Do not be too much of an idealist. Let him make his mistakes and fix it on his own.

Help your child to develop but do not be extra!

Climbing furniture implementation

These toys are made to develop gross motor skills of a kid. When he is about to explore the world walking, climbing, grabbing etc. You should not be a time counter. Do not make him or her crawl, stand, walk and climb only because old books say it is the time. 

Pikler said being too protective and too idealist is damaging for a kid. If you are forcing a child to develop faster than it needs, it can cause several problems in the future:

  • Clumsiness;
  • Distracted attention;
  • Fragile joints, etc.

Climbing furniture is a definite helper. Stay aside and watch your kid exploring the world. These toys will enhance physical strength and gross motor skills. BumbleBee Smart produces different types of Pikler toys:

  • Climbing arches. It is a ladder, colored or not, which is made in a shape of arch. Choose small or big one. Big one is also a swing, once you turn it over;
  • Pikler triangles. A Classic Pikler toy. Helps your kid to dare its fears and develop physically. also can be colored or not;
  • Pikler Climbers. This is a big transformable figure. You can assemble it in whatever shape it can construct. do not forget to watch your kid using it;
  • Climbing ramps. Ramps of 2 types: ladder or climber. It installs in between 2 of the triangles or arches and makes a set of climbers. Also may be colored or not.

Each of these toys can be sold in sets, colored or not, etc. Customize your order and make your gaming area unique. Your kid will definitely be happy and very much involved in play. But do not forget that your only job is to watch and be secure from the sidelines.