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I bear from chronic critical smaller back agony due to Scoliosis. I'm taking 50mg 4x/day along with another Rx and will not notify either help alleviate the pain.

Tramadol does help with the agony (neuropathy in feet and legs) However,it does not take the agony away completely.Also, the side effects of the medication varies at that occasionally I do seem a little "buzzy" with it and other times not.Overall, it is a good medication ,especially for daytime use.

I have been taking this for 2 years now. Before I discovered this medication, I couldn't even stroll round our block. I profited almost 100 lbs because i was in so much agony all the time and not anything i took worked. I'd spend all day in bed. Doctors wouldn't prescribe narcotics because they're "addictive". I discovered this medication and it has granted me my life back. I have lost the 100 lbs I'd profited - due to me being adept to get out and workout now, other than laying in bed in pain. My young kids have their mother back, my married man has his wife back, and I have my life back. Truly a miracle pharmaceutical - EVERYONE I have notified about it and who has endeavoured it has been astonished at how well it works.

My medical practitioner prescribed this for me for my menstrual cramps. It assists so much. I do get drowsy but I am at dwelling so it's o.k.

I have "runners knee" in both knees, and can barely walk. Was granted tramadol to help with the pain. Makes me very sleepy. first dose worked well...second, third etc. dose, VERY nauseating...woke up 3 times in the evening to vomit. Requested another painkiller.